Today is the 28th Madan-Ashrita Memorial Day

Kathmandu, 17 May Today, the 28th memorial day of Madan Bhandari and Jivraj Asrit is being celebrated with various programs.

Madan Bhandari, the then General Secretary of the CPN-UML, and Jivraj Asrit, the Chief of the Organization Department, died in a jeep accident at Dasdhunga in Chitwan on May 16, 1993.

In commemoration of the same day, the CPN-UML has been conducting  various programs on May 17 every year. The principle of multi-party democracy of the people formulated by Madan Bhandari is considered separate in the communist movement of Nepal. There is still a debate within the CPN-UML over Jabaj. Although there was unity between the CPN-UML and the UCPN (Maoist) three years ago, the party’s guiding principles could not be agreed upon. Now that the two parties have split, the debate within the UML over who will take the credit for Jabaj has resumed. A 10-member task force has also been formed as the top leaders of the CPN-UML have agreed to form a task force to stop the party split.

However, in practice, the CPN-UML has never been able to convey the message to the general public that the party is fully and truly united. The mysterious jeep accident of Madan Bhandari in Dasdhunga has not been investigated till now even when the leaders of UML has been the Prime Minister from UML and other communist parties. The jeep fell into the Trishuli River, killing the storekeeper and his dependent, while the driver, Amar Lama, survived. After the survival of Lama in 2060, this incident has become even more mysterious.

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