Ward Chairperson Diyali urges to be aware of the virus of Covid 19

Rishi Ram Ranabhat

Lekhnath, 18 May- Pokhara Municipality Ward chairperson of 28th Nirmal Diyali has urged to be vigilant without neglecting the second infection virus of Covid 19. It would be wise not to allow the spread of Covid 19 in a situation where Nepal could not remain untouched at a time when the world was under attack, Diyali said on social media. He has urged all the people of the ward to move forward hand in hand with the ward. A total of 55 people underwent PCR at the premises of Janajyoti Secondary School in Pokhara Municipality Ward No. 28 on  May 1, out of them, 14 were from Pokhara 28, 2 from Pokhara Ward No. 26 and 2 from Madi rural municipality Ward No. 5 Deumadi Lower Side,Ward chairperson Diylli informed that the reports of 18 people were positive.

As the health condition of 18 infected people is normal, they have been advised to stay in isolation at home safely, said ward chairperson Dayali. He also urged the people of the ward to unite against Covid 19 by providing all possible assistance from their respective places.

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