Parliament dissolved at midnight, elections in two phases

22, May,  Kathmandu- The parliament was dissolved at midnight and the country was re-elected early. President Bidhyadevi Bhandari has rejected the claim made by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and the opposition coalition for the formation of the government and announced the election in two phases on the recommendation of the cabinet meeting.

President Bhandari dismissed both late at night. The subsequent cabinet meeting had recommended elections in two phases on November 11 and December 15. The President has fixed the date on the same basis.

Hon’ble President Bidhyadevi Bhandariju has decided to dissolve the current House of Representatives in accordance with Article 76 (7) of the Constitution of Nepal and to hold the first round of elections to the House of Representatives on Friday, November 12, 2021 and the second round on November 19, 2021 BS. The Government of Nepal, as decided by the Council of Ministers on 2078/2/8 and as per the recommendation of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, the present House of Representatives will be dissolved and the first round of elections to the next House of Representatives will be held on Friday, November 12, 2021and the second round on November 19, 2021. The election is scheduled to be held on Friday, ”the president’s office said in a statement late last night.

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