Proposal to conduct class 12 examination in the third week of July

July 5, Kathmandu: The National Examination Board (NEB) has sought permission from the Ministry of Education to conduct Class 12 examinations in July. Chairman of the Board Dr. Chandramani Poudel said that he had sought permission to conduct the examination in the third or fourth week of July.

The board has stated that it has sought permission and is also preparing for the exam as the rate of corona infection is declining. The exam, which was scheduled to start on June 9, was postponed due to the Corona epidemic.

The board is preparing to take a different modality, i.e. 100 percent written test, from last year. Last year, the internal assessment was also the basis for the final assessment. While the chairman of the board Dr. Poudel said, “It is not like Last Year.” We take all the written exams. ‘


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