Corporation’s ship going to China today to get vaccinated against Covid-19

Kathmandu, July 8 –  There will be three flights from today to bring the vaccine ‘Verosel’ against Covid-19 to Nepal. The vaccine is being brought through three flights of Nepal Airlines Corporation’s widebody A330 from today to July 23.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health and Population Dr. Krishna Prasad Poudel said that the ship would go there to bring Verosel vaccine from China.

The government is going to bring the vaccine from China through (G to G). According to him, the corporation’s plane is going to China this evening to get vaccinated. The ship will bring the vaccine tomorrow.

The widebody ship will be re-vaccinated on July 16 and the ship will leave Nepal on July 21 and July 20 to bring the vaccine. “From today, the ship will go to China three times to get vaccinated. The results will be great but I am not sure how much, ‘he said.

He said that only after the first vaccine is brought it will be known how many vaccines have arrived in Nepal. The government is about to buy Verosell vaccine from a Chinese synopharm company.

He said that people under the age of 60 will be vaccinated on a priority basis after the vaccine arrives in Nepal.

The ministry has also informed that the government will soon bring the vaccine through Covax facility.

Ministry spokesperson Dr. Poudel informed that the remaining vaccines are being prepared as per the commitment of Covax to provide vaccines to a population of 6 million.

Earlier, only 348,000 vaccines were received through Covax. So far 4.248 million vaccines have been received in Nepal. The target is to vaccinate a total of 22 million people over the age of 18 in Nepal.

So far, 851,300 people have been given the second dose and 261,807 people have been given the first dose.

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